Your Hurt Is Welcome Here

If you’re looking for one easy step, it would be best to walk away now.

If you want a perfect ending, I can recommend some lovely books.

If you have yet to feel deep pain, please tell me how you’ve done it.


If you’re a human who knows what it’s like to be hurt by another human, you’re in the right place. 

If you understand how a heart can be shattered like a stained-glass window, if you’ve bled trying to pick up the pieces, if it’s hard sometimes to pray or get up for one more day, you’re not the only one. 

If you need hope but not cliches, stories but not sermons, a safe space to work through your sadness and uncomfortable anger so you can live a new story, settle in and stay awhile. 

Your hurt is welcome here. 

You Don't Have to Heal On Your Own

After I got hurt by someone I deeply trusted, I spent a year learning how to heal. Even as a counselor, life coach, and bestselling author, there was so much I wish someone had told me sooner. This course is the resource I needed but couldn't find. It would have saved me so much pain, energy, money, and time. I promised myself I would never let another person learn to heal the hard way like I did. – Holley Gerth

What the Course Includes

  • 30 Lessons

    Designed to heal your heart, mind, and soul. You'll work through three sections: Introduction, Today's Lesson, and a Healing Step so you can apply what you learn.

  • 137 Minutes of Audio, 47,738 Written Words

    Written content AND audio. The audio lessons are about five minutes long, and combine personal stories with practical insights. (Also included: full transcripts.)

  • 20 Bonuses

    Your bonuses include resources, tools, mini-lessons, and more! Each bonus is something I wish I'd known about sooner--but you can have them all right now!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    When You're Ready to Heal After You're Hurt

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

    • P.s. The Two Questions People Ask Me Most

  • 2

    When Your Story Doesn't Look Like You Hoped

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 3

    When You're Asking, "Why Does This Hurt So Much?"

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 4

    When You Need to Believe You'll Get Through This

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 5

    When You're Saying, "I Should Have Known"

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 6

    When You Tell Yourself, "Maybe It's Not That Bad"

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 7

    When You Can't Say "I'm Fine" One More Time

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 8

    When You Wonder If It's Just You

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 9

    When Your Body Is Showing Signs of Stress

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 10

    When You Finally See the Red Flags

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 11

    When You Keep Trying to Fix Your Feelings

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 12

    When You're Angry About What Happened

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 13

    When You Think About Revenge (Gasp!)

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 14

    When You're Trying to Let Go of Control

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 15

    When You Ask, "What Makes Relationships Work?"

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 16

    When You're Learning Emotional Self-Defense

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 17

    When You're Asking, "Should I Trust Them?"

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 18

    When You Don't Know If "Sorry" Is Enough

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 19

    When You're Wondering If Someone Has Changed

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 20

    When You Think You Should Be Over It By Now

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 21

    When You're Trying to Hold On to Hope

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 22

    When You Feel Stuck and Want to Move Forward

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 23

    When You Need Light Moments in a Heavy Season

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 24

    When You Face Your Signature Struggle

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 25

    When Your Inner Critic Gets Loud

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 26

    When You Feel Weak (But You're Getting Stronger)

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 27

    When a Relationship in Your Life Dies (or You Get Ghosted)

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 28

    When You're Triggered Again

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 29

    When Your Story Is Still Messy and Imperfect

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 30

    When You Really Want Closure

    • Introduction/Today's Lesson/Healing Step

  • 31

    BONUS: 15 Books that Helped Me Heal

    • 15 Books that Helped Me Heal (Resource)

  • 32

    BONUS: My "Heal, Warrior" Playlist

    • 15 Songs that Helped Me Heal (Resource)

  • 33

    BONUS: 10 Go-to-Sleep Strategies I Still Use

    • Sleep Heals, Here's What Helped Me Get More

  • 34

    MORE BONUSES: My Short Guide to Guarding Your Heart

    • A Checklist for Evaluating If Someone is Emotionally Safe (Mini-Lesson)

    • A Framework for Deciding Who Will Have Access to Your Heart (Mini-Lesson)

    • Fiercehearted: Free Book Chapter about Conflict and Healing (Resource)

    • You're Not a Good Girl--You're an Unstoppable Force for Good (Mini-Lesson)

  • 35

    MORE BONUSES: Things I Wish I'd Known About Attachment

    • The 4 Attachment Styles and How They Show Up in Relationships (Mini-Lesson)

    • Attachment Ambivalence: Why You Might Want Someone to Stay AND Go Away (Mini-Lesson)

    • Healthy Detachment: An Unexpected Sign of Healing (Mini-Lesson)

  • 36

    MORE BONUSES: Truth that Will Help You Be Kinder to Yourself

    • You Are in a Season of a Lot, So Be a Little Gentler with Yourself Today

    • You're Not Going to Be Taken Down by This, You're Already Rising

    • It Is Enough Today for You to Simply Be a Human Who Is Healing

  • 37

    MORE BONUSES: My Go-To Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Tools

    • Overview and Introduction to the Tools

    • Free Yourself from Your Feelings (Tool)

    • Make Safe Space for Difficult Emotions (Tool)

    • Create Your Room of Belonging (Tool)

    • Learn How to Be Truly Present (Tool)

    • Envision a Future Beyond Your Hurt (Tool)

    • Deeply Know You're Fully Loved (Tool)

  • 38

    An Opportunity to Share Anything You Want to With Me

    • Before You Go, I'd Love to Hear from You...

Healing for Every Part of Who You Are

  • Mental

    "My thoughts feel out of control sometimes." Get the insights and tools you need to manage your mind and move forward with your healing.

  • Emotional

    "My feelings are all over the place." Understand your emotions and how they can help you heal instead of holding you back.

  • Spiritual

    "I need to know what's true no matter what." Gentle yet empowering biblical truth to help you take one healing step forward at a time.

Healing Is One of the Most Loving Things You Can Do for the People in Your Life

  • Unhealed hurt eventually hurts others. Doing the work to heal protects the people you love.

  • If you avoid healing, you're more likely to numb your pain in unhealthy ways or repeat relational patterns.

  • Three Phases: 1) You're hurt 2) You're healing 3) You become a healer God uses to help others!

Here's what I've invested into this course for YOU:

  • 5 years getting a Master's Degree in Mental Health*

  • 40+ sessions with a professional counselor

  • 47,738 words written for the course

  • 137 minutes of audio (3 days of recording)

  • Countless hours curating research/resources

  • A year of my life spent learning to heal

  • Estimated Value = $10,000+

  • * I only counted part of my Master's Degree cost because I've used it for other projects.

Today's Offer:

Invest in your healing journey

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From a Satisfied Student:

"Thank you so much for providing this course for people like me who just didn’t know where to go in my hurt! I am still working through the course and feel incredibly blessed each time I take in a lesson. Such incredible truth!!" - A.


If you complete 100% of the course (as shown by submitting a screenshot of your progress bar) and you're not helped by it, I'll give you a refund with no questions asked.


  • Is this course only for certain kinds of relationships?

    This course is for any relationship in which you've experienced hurt--friendship, family, marriage, work, church, or any other.

  • Do I have to show up at a certain time or place?

    You can do this course whenever, wherever, and however it works for you.

  • How long will I have to complete the course?

    You have lifetime access to the course and can complete it at your own pace.

  • How much time does each lesson take?

    You can go through the content for each lesson in under fifteen minutes. The Healing Step for each lesson is optional, and you can take whatever amount of time you'd like to complete those.

  • Do I have to participate in a group?

    No, this course is completely private and confidential.

  • How do you know this course works?

    Everything in this course is something I personally used on my healing journey. It's also based on connecting with thousands of women as a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach.

  • How can I get in touch if I have another question?

    If you have a question about the course before you sign up or while you're going through it, you can contact me at [email protected].

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Relationships can hurt sometimes. Feeling stuck in the pain is optional. Healing and moving forward are possible.

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