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“What’s your greatest challenge as an introvert or extrovert?” That’s the question I’d ask if you sat across from me today. It’s a question I asked in a survey I sent to my blog subscribers. So far I’ve received 2,571 responses.


Most of those who responded were introverts. I’ve read and recorded every word they shared with me (yes, I’m THAT into helping introverts). I know what the most common introvert challenges are and I’ve learned what helps introverts thrive!

This Resource Will Help You...


  1. ·      Get the Time Alone You Need
  2. ·      Improve Your Relationships
  3. ·      Make a Difference
  4. ·      Grow Closer to God
  5. ·      Increase Your Happiness
  6. ·      Have More Energy
  7. ·      Build Your Confidence


As a life coach, counselor, and bestselling author, I’ve done a deep dive into research and brain science, read hundreds of articles, and talked with thriving introverts around the world. I’m excited to share what I discovered with you!


This Resource Will Give You...

·      Aha moments I had while writing The Powerful Purpose of Introverts

·      Practical tools and strategies you need now

·      Exclusive videos you won’t find anywhere else


Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

  • 2

    7 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert

    • 1: How You Can Get the Time Alone You Need

    • 2: How You Can Have More Meaningful Relationships

    • 3: How You Can Make a Difference

    • 4: How You Can Grow Closer to God

    • 5: How You Can Increase Your Happiness

    • 6: How You Can Manage Your Energy

    • 7: How You Can Become More Confident

    • Next Steps

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I believe we’re designed as introverts for a purpose. You have strengths, skills, and gifts our world needs more than ever before. I want you to be able to offer all you have to give, live well, and thrive as an introvert.


This Resource Will Work for You Because It's...


·      Quick – Each lesson only takes about 15 minutes

·      Convenient – Access all the lessons in one place, do them at your pace

·      Practical – Start applying what you learn right away


Over 1,400 introverts are enrolled in the course and are saying things like, "I found this to be extremely helpful! I am taking away some wonderful tips that I am going to embrace. I have a better understanding of things that I have struggled with all my life."


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