Beat the 7 Biggest Mistakes Writers Don't Know They Make 

If you’re here, you believe words can make a difference. You believe (even if you doubt it sometimes) your words can make a difference. 

But something is holding you back. You’ve tried to start blogging then stopped. You’ve begun a book only to have it still sitting as a file on your computer a year later. You’ve researched how to write, what to do on social media, how to build a platform, and you’re more overwhelmed than ever before.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine writing with confidence and clarity, getting emails from readers saying “your words changed my life,” breaking free from comparison and sharing the messages only you can.

This isn’t just possible—I can help you start making that a reality today.

I'm Here to Help You!

Confession: I still feel a little fear every time I put new words into the world. I've learned that just means I care about what I'm sharing, and it doesn't have to stop me. It doesn't have to stop you either.

I'm grateful (and still shocked—ha!) that I've become a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and life coach who has sold over 600,000 nonfiction books. Now I’m passionate about helping writers like you courageously pursue their God-given potential. 

How This Course Is Different

This course isn’t about creating something fast or flashy. It’s about going through a process that will be a foundation you can build on for years to come. 

I’m going to share the process I went through over a decade ago when I started writing books. My publisher said it’s what made me stand out from most writers. It's what I still use in some way for almost every piece of writing I create. It will help you understand who you are as a writer and equip you to move toward your goals one step at a time.

If you want long-term, sustainable success as a writer, this course is for you. But you will only get out of it what you put into it. If you’re ready to work hard, dig deep, and commit to this process, then I will empower you to become a kick-butt writer who changes the world with words.

Let’s do this thing.

- Holley 

What's in the Course?

  • 1

    Welcome! Start Here...

    • What You've Been Missing

    • Let's Get Started

    • Master Workbook (all the exercises for each lesson in one place for you to download and print)

  • 2

    Mistake One: Starting with a Great Idea

    • Introduction: Your Why Matters

    • Video Coaching: Let's Talk About Your Why

    • Next Step: Discover Your Why

    • Final Thoughts: Live Your Why

    • Bonus Content: Simon Sinek - The Power of Why

  • 3

    Mistake Two: Misunderstanding the Two Types of Motivation

    • Introduction: Know Your Motivation

    • Video Coaching: What's Your Vision?

    • Next Step: What You Want to Get and Give

    • Final Thoughts: Keep Your Vision Clear

    • Next Step: Your Intrinsic Vision

  • 4

    Mistake Three: Thinking It's About Platform not People

    • Introduction: How Influence Has Changed

    • Video Coaching: Know Your Who

    • Bonus Content: Gamma Women Executive Summary

    • Next Step: Who's Your One Person?

    • Next Step: Know Your Role in Readers' Lives

  • 5

    Mistake Four: Getting Distracted from Deep Work

    • Overview: Why Deep Work Matters

    • Video Coaching: What Gets in the Way of Deep Work

    • Bonus Content: Guide to the Four Tendencies

    • Next Step: Your Writing Plan

  • 6

    Mistake Five: Fixating on One Format (Ex: Writing A Book)

    • Introduction: What's the Best Way to Reach People with Your Words?

    • Video Coaching: Shifting Your Perspective

    • Next Step: You're a Content Creator

    • Final Thoughts: Who's Right in Front of You Today?

  • 7

    Mistake Six: Listening to the Lies All Writers Hear

    • Introduction: The Lies We're Tempted to Believe

    • Video Coaching: Overcome the Lies

    • Next Step: Replace Your Signature Lies with Truth

    • Bonus Content: The Power of Vulnerability

    • Bonus Content: 5 Statements Keeping You from Your Best Work

  • 8

    Mistake Seven: Not Taking the Next Small, Intentional Step

    • Introduction: Keep Moving Forward

    • Video Coaching: The Do What You Can Plan

    • Next Step: Putting It All Together

    • Bonus Content: 9 Questions that Will Help You Say No Without Guilt

    • How to Apply this Course to Every Piece of Writing You Do

    • A Perspective to Help When Writing Feels Stressful

    • Final Thoughts: Beyond the Finish Line

  • 9

    Q & A (Optional)

    • Am I Ready to Write a Book? Is Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing the Best Path for Me?

    • What Do You Use for Editing? Do I Need a Professional Editor?

    • How Do I Write a Book Proposal and/or Get My Book Idea in Front of Publishers?

    • What If I've Started a Book Proposal and Now Feel Stuck?

    • How can I listen to my readers and do research?

    • What's a Style Guide and Do I Need One?

    • Do You Have Any Other Tools to Help Me Understand Who I Am as a Writer and Person?

    • What Do You Pray Over Your Writing?

    • What's YOUR Question?

  • 10

    Your Certificate of Completion

    • Congratulations!

    • Print Your Certificate

  • 11

    I Want to Hear from You

    • Final Survey

Got Questions? Glad to Help!

  • How long does it take to finish the course?

    You can binge the course in a few hours or take as much time as you need. It's created to work for your schedule, and you'll have at least a year to complete it.

  • Is this course only for a certain kind of writing?

    Nope, any writer can benefit from the principles shared in this course. They're a foundation that every writer needs.

  • Is this course only for writers at a certain age or stage?

    This course is created for all ages and stages of writing, whether you're a teenager or celebrating your 100th birthday, just starting out or a seasoned pro.

  • Have you taught at professional writing conferences?

    Yes, I've taught at top writing conferences for many years. My goal in this course is to give you as much or more than a conference in less time without leaving home and spending thousands of dollars.

What 2,232 Students of My Courses Say...

"Motivated me!"

Meg Brown

This course was SO helpful. I've done other courses in the past, but none have motivated me as much as this one!

"I feel more confident."

Samantha Tevino

I feel more confident in approaching writing as a medium to share a message. I am not as limited as I felt before. This course is key to building a foundation.

"This course is gold!"

Amy Vest Cox

This course is gold! Holley takes you by the hand and guides you through inspiring, practical, and word-directing wisdom that will help your words reach hearts and make a lasting impact on the lives of your readers.

Your Words Matter

Imagine years from now you're looking back over your life. What do you most want your legacy of words to be? Maybe it's a book you can hold in your hands, stories for the people you love, or spiritual truth you've faithfully shared. 

Whatever it is, take the next step toward it today. Don't let fear win or the voice of doubt silence what's in your heart. Whether you feel like it yet or not, you are a writer who's here for such a time as this. And your words are needed more than ever before.

I'm cheering you on!

- Holley ([email protected])

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